Boca Raton Pedestrian Killed Crossing Street

A Boca Raton woman was killed recently when crossing the street. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another, a wrongful death lawyer can help you to pursue justice on behalf of the deceased, as well as any financial remuneration that may be available to compensate not only the emotional but the financial loss you have suffered. Obviously, no wrongful death lawyer assumes that pursuing such compensation will assuage your grief, but it can help you and your family to find resolution and to know that you will not be flung into financial duress because of the loss of your loved one.


The recent accident in Boca Raton occurred when a 46-year-old woman was attempting to cross the street and was struck by a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old female. The pedestrian was taken to Delray Medical Center where she later died. According to the police report, the investigation into the accident was ongoing. Whether your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death caused by a car accident or from some other incident, your wrongful death lawyer will fully evaluate the case and will help you to pursue whatever damages you may be due.


If you and your family are grieving the untimely and unjust loss of a loved one, contact a Boca Raton wrongful death lawyer at the Law Offices of The South Florida Injury Law Firm. Your lawyer will have the expertise to handle your case with sensitivity and compassion while aggressively pursuing the justice you and your family may be due. Contact the Law Offices of The South Florida Injury Law Firm today.


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