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Child Hurt? Our Florida Injury Lawyers Help You Fight for Justice

What do you do when your child gets hurt? You run to them. You make sure they are okay. If they need medical assistance, you get help as fast as possible.


This is your job as a parent. It is what you should do and what you have to do. Even if someone else caused them harm, your child’s wellbeing has to be your number one priority. This is what you should focus on in the moment.

This is your job as a parent. It is what you should do and what you have to do. Even if someone else caused them harm, your child’s wellbeing has to be your number one priority. This is what you should focus on in the moment.

The key phrase there, however, is “in the moment.” Because if your child comes to harm due to the actions of others, they must be held accountable – and you should not have to pay for their mistake.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what many parents end up doing, because they are so focused on caring for their child. They take off work to go to doctor’s appointments or spend time at the hospital. They empty savings accounts to pay for surgeries, medicine, and rehab. They deal with the pain, suffering, and endless stress that accompanies all of this.

It is not fair. It is not just. Most importantly, it does not have to be this way.

When someone else’s negligence leads to your child getting hurt, the law in Florida entitles you to receive compensation. The Law Offices of The Injury Law Firm of South Florida have been helping parents just like you for years around Boca Raton and the rest of South Florida.


Filing a personal injury lawsuit is not about getting paid or putting a dollar value on your child’s injuries. Rather the compensation you receive is a way to alleviate the financial strain on your family.


Accidental child injuries are incredibly costly. Nationally, these types of accidents lead to tens of billions of dollars in costs every single year – and that is just for medical expenses. It does not account for money lost due to missed work, property damage, and anything else associated with the incident.


Beyond stopping your financial bleeding, making a claim gives you the chance to bring attention to a harmful action, and it could stop another child from being hurt in the future.

Why the Law Offices of The Injury Law Firm of South Florida Are Your Best Choice in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Surrounding Areas

Our personal injury attorneys are some of the best in the business, and they have the track record to prove it. That, however, is just one of many reasons that you should choose us to represent you.

  • Experience you need. When your family’s financial future is on the line, you want to know your attorney has been there before and knows what he or she is doing. Our personal injury lawyers have over 100 combined years of legal experience, and they have handled all kinds of child injury cases. It does not matter if you are going up against an individual homeowner, a hospital, a city, or an international corporation– our attorneys know how to help.
  • Recognition you want to see. Our attorneys are Lifetime Members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. They have been recognized by Florida Worker’s Advocates. They are highly rated on Avvo and featured on LawyerCentral. These things matter because they tell you that the legal community and past clients approve of the work our lawyers do.
  • Diverse legal backgrounds you can use. Many South Florida personal injury attorneys tout the fact that they have been helping people with injury cases their entire careers. At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, we value a different kind of experience. Our lawyers started as public defenders. They worked for the very insurers they now frequently find themselves up against. This type of experience provides them with insights and perspectives that “lifetime” personal injury lawyers simply do not have, including the ability to accurately gauge the type of arguments the other side is going to make and to plan accordingly.

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Common South Florida Child Accident Suits Our Injury Lawyers Can Handle

As every parent knows, there are countless ways – and places – that children can get injured. In our decades of handling personal injury cases, we have dealt with injuries with a variety of causes. The only commonality between them: they were a result of another’s negligent actions.


Below you will find a list of just some of the child injury cases we can help you with. If the list does not seem to account for the manner in which your child was injured, reach out to our office, and we will let you know what your options are going forward.

Where kids are concerned, the law holds businesses, property owners, and other organizations to a high standard of safety. Our lawmakers understand that everyone has a duty to watch out for the youngest and most vulnerable in our society. When someone is negligent in this duty, they can and should be held accountable, and you should not have to pay for their bad behavior.

Only You Can Get the Necessary Compensation for Your Child – and Only the Florida Personal Injury Attorneys at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida Can Help

If we lived in a perfect world, those responsible for bringing harm to your child would just do the right thing and provide your family with the compensation you need and deserve. Unfortunately, most of the time that is not what happens.


People do not want to admit to wrongdoing even if they know they are to blame, and they tend to fight tooth and nail to hold on to what is theirs.


When a large organization is behind the incident, they are likely to fight even harder because they have a brand to protect in addition to their pocketbook.


To give your child – and your family – the best chance at a complete recovery and a normal life, you need to fight back by bringing a negligence claim against those responsible. You have to do it fast, too, because Florida law only gives you a limited time to decide to fight for your child’s rights.

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Our state’s statute of limitations on personal injury claims is only four years. If you do not file your lawsuit within four years of your child getting hurt, you are out of luck. Injuries caused by government negligence (filed against the city, county, or state) have an even shorter statute of limitations – three years.



When you are trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of hospital visits and doctor’s appointments, that time can pass very quickly. Do not lose out on the fair and just compensation your family deserves. Get in touch with the knowledgeable South Florida child injury lawyers at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida right now.

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