Did You Know That You Don’t Necessarily Have to Slip and Fall in a Slip and Fall Case?

If you have suffered an injury while in a commercial establishment or at another’s residence, friends and family may suggest that you consult with a West Palm Beach slip and fall lawyer in order to determine whether or not you might be able to pursue compensation from the property owner. In many instances, a viable slip and fall case exists even if you did not actually slip, or for that matter, fall.


Although you will often hear of slip and fall injuries, the actual term for such cases is premises liability because you are seeking to hold the owner of the premises on which you were injured liable for your injuries. Often, such cases involve a victim who slips on a slick floor and falls, and so they have come to be known as slip and fall cases despite the fact that neither element is essential to a premises liability case. For example, if you are shopping in a West Palm Beach wholesale club and one of the shelves is stacked with merchandise such that the shelf becomes unstable and topples over on top of you causing serious injury, you may have a premises liability suit despite the fact that you did not slip or fall.


Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injuries, if you have been injured because of a property owner’s negligence, your West Palm Beach slip and fall lawyer at the Law Offices of The South Florida Injury Law Firm will have the experience necessary to review your case and determine the extent to which the property owner may be held liable for the medical costs and other expenses related to your injury. Get the remuneration that you may be due by calling The South Florida Injury Law Firm today.


When you need a West Palm Beach slip and fall lawyer, the Law Offices of The South Florida Injury Law Firm are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and handle cases throughout the state, including Broward County, Indian River, Okeechobee, Delray Beach, Martin County, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and all other cities and counties. We have years of experience and success in handling cases like yours. Contact us for a free case evaluation at 954.764.7377 or via the web at https://southfloridainjurylawfirm.com.

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