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Hurt in Lauderhill? You Don’t Have to Pay for Someone Else’s Mistake

Nestled comfortably between Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Sunrise, and Lauderdale Lakes, with Miami just a half hour to the south, Lauderhill has one big thing going for it: location.

Residents and vacationers alike enjoy the proximity to both work and fun, whether that means relaxing on one of the many nearby beaches, taking in a show, cheering on the Miami Dolphins, or enjoying local cuisine. Even better, since Lauderhill is not exactly known as a hotspot, it is relatively easy to get a bargain when you stay here.



Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and people in Lauderhill are just as prone to suffer accidents and injuries as in other parts of Florida. Cars get into crashes. Slippery floors lead to falls.


Most of the time when these things happen, we tend to blame ourselves – or the universe. “What a freak accident,” we say. Or, “Clumsy me.” Or even, “Oh well, it couldn’t have been helped.”


What if it could have been helped though? What if it was not something uncontrollable that led to your injury, but the negligent actions of another? Should you have to pay for their mistake? Do they not bear some of the responsibility?


At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, these are the kinds of questions that our experienced lawyers have been encouraging our clients to ask for decades. We understand the deep personal turmoil that a serious injury can cause. The pain and suffering that you must endure. The lost work time. The many trips to doctors and physical therapy appointments. The increasingly huge pile of bills.


Our attorneys firmly believe that you should never have to pay for someone else’s negligence. If they had behaved appropriately, you would not be in this situation in the first place, so it should be their responsibility to compensate you for what they did.


Thankfully, the State of Florida believes this as well and has set down clear laws covering how personal injury liability works in a variety of situations. As a firm that has handled countless of personal injury cases over the years, we have the knowledge and skill you need to get the compensation you deserve.


Auto accidents

Truck accidents
Medical malpractice
Wrongful death
Boating accidents
Slip and fall injuries
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What to Expect When You Work with The South Florida Injury Law Firm

South Florida Attorneys Who Understand What It Takes to Help You Win Your Claim
For the most part, regardless of where the incident happened, what type of injury you suffered, or who is the responsible party, injury law in Florida comes down to proving four elements:


  • Duty. Every single person has a duty to behave safely and responsibly around others. For example, you cannot just decide to weave your car all over the road because you want to. This is not safe, responsible behavior, and it puts both you and others at risk. People in specific roles may also have additional responsibilities, such as doctors, lawyers, or other professionals. If someone fails to follow through on their duty, it is possible that they may be held responsible for negligence, so the first part of a successful injury claim is proving that the entity you are suing owed a duty to you.
  • Breach. The next step after showing that you were owed a duty is to prove that there was a breach in that duty. A driver acted recklessly. A store owner did not repair a broken walkway. A doctor offered medical care that deviated from accepted practice.
  • Causation. Once you show that the defendant breached their duty, you must then prove that this breach directly caused your injuries. Because someone was texting and driving, they crashed into you, causing whiplash. Because your doctor mistakenly left a sponge inside your body during surgery, you developed an infection.
  • Damages. After proving the breach caused the injury, the final step is to show that your injury resulted in specific damages. Medical bills to help you recover. Money lost due to missing work. Pain and suffering.


Since all injury lawsuits need to prove these four things, you might think that they can all be handled in the same way – but this is not necessarily true. While most of the broad strokes are similar, there are nuances specific to all kinds of different cases.



Malpractice claims, for example, typically require the use of expert witnesses who can explain why what the defendant did was not acceptable practice. Different types of cases may have different statutes of limitations. Claims against government entities work differently than those against private citizens or businesses.


Because of this, it is important that you work with lawyers who have successfully taken on a wide variety of Florida personal injury cases.

Types of Lauderhill Injury Cases Our Attorneys Are Able to Help You With

At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, we commonly handle claims listed below.


Something we deal with a lot in Lauderhill is negligent security.

Sadly, this area experiences quite a bit of crime. How much? The violent crime rate is about three times higher than the average for both the country as a whole and the state of Florida, and the property crime rate is above average as well. To really put things in perspective, Neighborhood Scout says that 91 percent of US cities are safer, while Area Vibes says that number is even higher – 93 percent!

When criminal activity is that prevalent, it is even more important for businesses to do their part to keep you safe. Keep doors locked. Make sure parking lots and other areas are well lit. Hire security guards if needed.


If you are robbed or attacked due to unsafe conditions, it may be possible to hold a third party, such as a hotel, liable for what happened. Not only can this enable you to recover financially, it can help you get closure on a horrible chapter of your life – and possibly prevent someone else from suffering as you have.

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Suffering a serious injury is terrible for anyone to go through. It is even worse when you know that it would not have happened if others were acting in a caring and responsible manner.


Do not let them get away with it. Fight for your rights and your family’s future by filing a personal injury lawsuit to help you win the compensation you need and deserve.


Our lawyers know the ins and outs of injury law in Florida and how to get results. We can help you just like we have helped countless others hurt in south Florida – but you have to reach out to us first.


The process is simple. All you need to do to get started is fill out our quick online case review form or give us a call