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Did you know that Tamarac was actually founded as a bedroom community, and that early leaders even let Fort Lauderdale annex some commercial areas to keep it that way? Or that the city’s founder named it after a string of carwash businesses he owned?

The Tamarac of today is a far different place

With its proximity to bigger South Florida cities, it has become a sought-after tourist destination. Businesses want to be here. The population has become far more diverse.



This growth, however, has also led to an increase in accidents and injuries due to negligence. Busier roadways are more dangerous for cyclistsmotorcyclists, and drivers. People get hurt on job sites. Elderly residents suffer from poor care in nursing homes.


At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, our attorneys work to help people who have suffered these types of horrors every single day. With over 100 years of combined experience in and around Tamarac, they understand just how debilitating it can be to suffer an injury due to negligence – not just physically and mentally, as you try to recover, but also financially.


Simply put, getting hurt is expensive. You have medical bills. You miss work. You have to pay for transportation. The list goes on and on. These are all things that, were it not for the negligent actions of another, you never would have had to endure.


Our lawyers believe that this is wrong. They believe that no one should have to pay for the mistakes of someone else, and that people should not get away with harming others. To that end, they see their job as fighting to help you obtain the compensation you need and working to hold negligent parties responsible so they are more likely to change their ways.


Just as importantly, they get results. While every case is different, our injury attorneys have enabled our clients to win millions in compensation over the years, and they will work hard to get you the best results possible.

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All Kinds of Accidents Happen in Tamarac – Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Florida injury law is complex, with different rules and regulations applying to different types of accidents and injuries. If you are hurt, you want to make sure the attorney you choose has a track record of success handling the specific type of accident you endured.



This is not something you have to worry about with The South Florida Personal Injury Firm. Our firm features a number of skilled, experienced personal injury lawyers. This enables them to focus on the areas of injury law where they are most comfortable, while still allowing the firm overall to help people with all kinds of injury claims

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You’ve probably hear of statutes of limitations. They refer to the limit of time that legal action can be brought. Most of the time, you hear about them in relation to people not being able to be prosecuted for criminal acts because too much time has passed.



However, if you want to bring a lawsuit against someone for an injury, there’s a statute of limitations for that, too. Worse, Florida law now says that you have to see a doctor within a matter of weeks after an accident or you forfeit your right to seek compensation.


What does all of this mean? That you need to reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Simply complete our online contact form or call us