Impaired is Impaired, Even If the Driver Doesn’t Think So

Most drivers are aware of the fact that driving while impaired increases the likelihood of an auto accident. However, some alarming statistics were released recently from a survey conducted by a private insurance company indicating that fewer adolescents than ever equate driving while high on marijuana with dangerous, impaired, or distracted driving. If you have been injured in a collision in Delray Beachwith a driver who was impaired by drugs or alcohol, you know just how dangerous such a wreck can be. You owe it to yourself to contact an auto accidentlawyer in Delray Beach so that you can get the compensation to which you may be due.


The survey is conducted yearly and is meant to gain insight into how teenagers perceive the relationships between pot and alcohol usage and driving. Though government statistics indicate that pot smoking is on the decline by teens, the independent research shows that many teens do not think that it is particularly dangerous to use marijuana and drive, and they certainly do not believe that it will lead to an auto accident. However, perceptions among adolescents do not change the fact that numerous victims are injured in Delray Beach each year by drivers who caused an auto accident because they were high on drugs or impaired by alcohol.


When an impaired driver victimizes you in an auto accident, you can have recourse through an auto accident lawyer in Delray Beach from The South Florida Injury Law Firm. Your lawyer will work tirelessly to help you in your attempts to obtain the benefits that you will need to cover your medical expenses. Contact The South Florida Injury Law Firm today to get the help you need.


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