When Your Child Is Injured in an Auto Accident

An auto accident is always a disturbing and disruptive event whether you live in Boca Raton or anywhere else, but when a child is injured, it takes on an added degree of severity. When your child is the victim of such a collision, it is important to contact an auto accidentattorney in Boca Raton as soon as possible to advocate on your child’s behalf. In a child’s case, this is even more important than for an adult because an injured child can face specialized schooling and rehabilitative needs after an auto accident.


Because all of the safety features of a car are sized for adult passengers, children are especially at risk in an auto accident, even if they are restrained in child safety seats. Because of their increased vulnerability, children are more likely to sustain serious brain and/or spinal injuries when in an auto accident. Your attorney who serves the Boca Raton area will be able to help you pursue compensation for your child not only to cover current expenses, but so that all future care can potentially be covered, as well. It could be that your child is eligible for compensation for loss of future earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and other forms of remuneration.


When your child is injured in an auto accident in Boca Raton, an attorney with The South Florida Injury Law Firm, a law firm that serves the Boca Raton area, can evaluate your case to determine what types of benefits may be due you and your child. Contact The South Florida Injury Law Firm today to arrange for representation on your child’s behalf.


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