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Miramar is a City located in Broward County, Florida. Miramar is bordered by Pembroke Pines to the North; Hollywood to the Northeast; West Park to the East; and Miami-Dade County, Florida to the south. This Miramar Personal Injury Lawyer fights hard for his injured clients in Miramar.

As of 2019, the population had grown to 141,191 – so the City is growing. The motto of the City of Miramar is “Beauty and Progress.”

The City was incorporated in 1955. It is governed by a City Commission and run by a City Manager. Miramar has a Mayor, a Vice Mayor, three Commissioners, and a City Clerk. Lawsuits against the City are referred to as cases of “sovereign immunity” (any case against a city, county or the State is referred to as a sovereign immunity case). Sovereign immunity cases must be approved by the Miramar City Commission.



When the City was first incorporated, it had a population of less than two-hundred people. It’s original boundaries were Southwest 64 Avenue to the east, University Drive to the west, Miami-Dade County to the south, and Pembroke Road to the north. The only major roadways in the City at the time were U.S. 441 (which was a two-lane road then), Hallandale Beach Boulevard to Southwest 66 Terrace, and Pembroke Road (which was a dirt road) to University Drive. Accidents happen on all roadways in Miramar.


At The Injury Law Firm of South Florida, we know this better than most. Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience helping injured people in and around Pompano Beach get justice, and we have seen just about every type of accident you can imagine.


From slip and falls at local department stores and injuries due to defective products to playground accidents and workers compensation claims, we can get you what you deserve while holding the responsible parties accountable.

You should not have to pay exorbitant hospital bills if another’s negligent actions put you there in the first place. Your family should not have to lose out on wages because you cannot work. You should not have to pay for burial and funeral costs if another’s negligence leads to your loved one’s death.


What about accountability? It is important because the fastest way to get people and organizations to stop engaging in dangerous behaviors is to make them pay. To make them realize that cutting corners to save a few bucks is not worth the literal and figurative cost of causing harm. That is something that makes all South Florida families and communities safer.

Auto accidents

Truck accidents
Medical malpractice
Wrongful death
Boating accidents
Slip and fall injuries
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If you live or work in Miramar Florida. You get hurt in an accident or an incident through no fault of your own. What do you do?
Regardless of whether or not you’re filing a claim with your insurance company or directly against the other driver, you need a car accident lawyer on your side who will advocate for you. To ensure that you get the fairest settlement amount possible, don’t leave it up to chance; instead, Call Toll Free: (877) 566-8759 to The Injury Law Firm of South Florida. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can answer any questions you have about how personal injury evidence plays a role in your claim.

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If you are in the Miramar/Pembroke Pines area, contact the Injury Law Firm of South Florida. They are a team of skilled personal injury attorneys who will be there for you any time, day or night, 24/7.

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Knowing that your Miramar injury attorney can either make or break your case, you want to be absolutely certain that you have made the right decision, and the lawyers at The Injury Law Firm of South Florida will quickly prove to be an ideal choice for you to make. If you have sustained an injury that was not your fault, it is your injury attorney’s responsibility to prove negligence on their behalf so that you are entitled to possibly prove that they or their insurance company are responsible for your medical bills!