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Too Many Car Accidents That Happen On St. Patrick’s Day End Tragically


Not everyone is lucky on St. Patrick’s Day.

Over the last five years, there have been more than 325 lives lost in drunk-driving accidents on St. Patrick’s Day across the nation. And despite efforts from both law enforcement officials and the public to curb drunk driving, you can be certain that there will be dangerous drunk drivers on the road this St. Patrick’s Day.


If you plan on celebrating this year, you can help ensure the safety of you and your family by drinking responsibly and taking certain precautions. Below, we’ve listed some tips for preventing accidents on the roads this St. Patrick’s Day.



Avoid the roads on St. Patrick’s Day.

If it’s possible, it’s a good idea to avoid driving entirely on St. Patrick’s Day. The roads will be crowded with drivers traveling to and from celebrations, many of whom may be dangerously intoxicated. If you walk to nearby destinations rather than driving, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about how you will get home, and minimize your chances of getting in an auto accident.

Too Many Car Accidents That Happen On St. Patrick’s Day End Tragically 1 Bike Accidents South Florida Injury Law Firm

Be an alert pedestrian.

Unfortunately, even abstaining from driving isn’t always enough to eliminate your chances of becoming a victim of an auto accident. Florida is particularly infamous for pedestrian fatalities, and many of its cities rank among the most dangerous for pedestrians in the world. And with a higher number of intoxicated drivers on the roads, the danger only increases for those traveling on foot. You can minimize your risk as a pedestrian on St. Patrick’s Day by crossing at designated areas, staying alert and off your cellphone, and wearing bright colors. In honor of the day, you can even choose Kelly green.

Too Many Car Accidents That Happen On St. Patrick’s Day End Tragically 2 Bike Accidents South Florida Injury Law Firm


Be a wary bicyclist.

The roads of Florida are already dangerous for bicyclists, but on St. Patrick’s Day, risk of bicycle accidents double. If you must cycle on St. Patrick’s Day, be very wary of cars driving recklessly, carelessly, or too fast. Drunk drivers will not be looking out for cyclists, so you must be looking out for them.

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Find a designated driver.

If you do drive to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, make sure you find a designated driver if you plan on drinking. Even the slightest buzz can impair your driving abilities, and you don’t want to risk getting into an accident or being charged with a DUI. If you can’t find a designated driver, consider some other means of transportation, such as a cab, ride share, or public transport.

Too Many Car Accidents That Happen On St. Patrick’s Day End Tragically 3 Bike Accidents South Florida Injury Law FirmBe a cautious driver.

If you aren’t drinking this St. Patrick’s Day but know you’ll be driving, remember to do so with extreme caution. Just because you’re behaving responsibly doesn’t mean other drivers will do so, and a drunk driver’s reckless driving could easily cause damage to your car and person. Stay as alert as possible, obey traffic signals, and refrain from using your cellphone. Also keep an eye out for pedestrians, who may drunkenly stumble off the sidewalk or ignore crossing signals.

Too Many St. Patrick’s Days Have Ended in a Tragic Car Accident

Unfortunately, these precautions can only reduce your risk of accident, not eliminate it entirely. If you or someone you care about is injured on St. Patrick’s Day due to a drunken driver, you should contact a Florida auto accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you hold the driver responsible for his or her actions, and help you secure maximum compensation for medical bills, repairs, and overall pain and suffering.


Too Many Car Accidents That Happen On St. Patrick’s Day End Tragically 4 Bike Accidents South Florida Injury Law Firm

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Cyclist Accident in Pembroke Pines by Westfork Plaza

The cyclist accident involved a 15-year-old cyclist from Pembroke Pines who was riding his bicycle Monday when he was struck by a car, authorities said.


The boy, who was not identified by Pembroke Pines police, was riding on the sidewalk eastbound on the 15800 block of Pines Boulevard near Westfork Plaza when he tried to cross the entrance of the shopping plaza. The 68-year-old driver turned to exit the mall and dragged the cyclist under her vehicle, police said they found in a preliminary investigation.


cyclist accident attorneys

Bike riding is a four season activity in the Sunshine State, whether you cycle for your commute, exercise, or fun. Unfortunately, its year-round popularity may also put you at a higher risk of being hurt in a bicycle accident.



Data regarding bike collisions should be of particular importance to anyone living in Florida, the #1 US state for fatal bicycle crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in 2020, 127 Florida bicyclists lost their lives in bicycle accidents. Notably, this statistic appears to be heading in the right direction as 155 Florida bicyclists lost their lives in bicycle accidents in 2019.

According to a AAA study, fifty-three percent of motorists say one of their concerns is not having enough room to drive around cyclists. Similarly, 53 percent of motorists say they worry about cyclists swerving or falling into traffic, 35 percent are concerned they won’t see the cyclist in the first place, and 34 percent are uneasy about cyclists using the middle lanes in traffic. The study also noted:

  • 36% do not wear a helmet while riding a bicycle
  • 56% ride with traffic; 21% ride against traffic
  • 74% of those who ride against traffic do so because they prefer to see approaching vehicles



Most of the deaths are due to relatively mundane mistakes on the part of both bikers and motorists.

According to the NHTSA, the following statistics pertain to bicycle accidents in Florida as well as accidents across the US:

  • 38 percent of fatal cyclist accidents were caused by a biker or motorist failing to yield the right of way
  • 10 percent were due to a biker wearing clothing that’s difficult to see at night
  • 8 percent were caused by a failure to obey traffic laws, and another 8 percent happened because the cyclist or motorist made an improper turn.


The majority of serious and fatal cyclist accidents occur when a driver fails to yield to a cyclist at an intersection. Other bicycle accidents can occur on crowded side-streets, parking lot entrances/exits, or when a cyclist emerges from in between parked or stopped vehicles.


Cyclist Accident in Pembroke Pines by Westfork Plaza 5 Bike Accidents South Florida Injury Law Firm


Unfortunately, bicyclists tend to suffer catastrophic injuries when they are hit by large, fast-moving vehicles. As a result, they often need extensive medical care and may be unable to work for weeks or months. In severe cases, these injuries can result in disability, preventing the victim from ever working and earning a living.


The condition of the 15 year old who was involved in the cyclist accident has yet to be confirmed. Police are still investigating the scene by Westlake Plaza in Pembroke Pines.


What to Do After a Bike Accident


The most important thing to do after the accident is seek medical attention. Even if you believe you were not seriously injured, see a doctor and receive a professional medical diagnosis. You should also contact an attorney as soon as possible, as you only have three years from the date of the accident (in most cases) to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Florida bike accidents can leave serious injuries. As South Florida personal injury attorneys, let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve. You focus on getting better. Let us worry about your case.