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Amazon Prime Day Deliveries and Accidents

On October 13th and 14th, Amazon Celebrates Prime Day(s).

Prime Day is the perfect time for shoppers to score up to 50 percent off on popular categories, like tech, electronics, Amazon devices, home, kitchen, clothing, shoes, wellness, and more.


With the uncertainty and the strain that COVID-19 has had on the 1.7 million small and medium sized businesses around the world that sell their goods on Amazon, the event could provide much needed relief.


It’s been a convenience for many to be able to get in on these online deals and get in hand within 2 days and in some cases, the very same day. Amazon is able to get to your doorstep even faster these days since they moved away from using standard services like UPS and FedEx and instead uses Amazon’s gargantuan logistics network to deliver its own packages.


Amazon Delivery Drivers and Florida Laws

Throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties,  we’ve started seeing a lot more Amazon delivery trucks on the road and so have the number of accidents involving Amazon delivery drivers.

amazon prime delivery vehicle accident information

Although many Amazon delivery vehicles are completely free from incident, the number of accidents of Amazon-involved trucks have only grown over time.

Amazon delivery drivers have the same responsibilities under Florida law to drive their vehicles in a safe manner as all other motorists. This includes a duty to protect all other people they may encounter while behind the wheel.

This extends to:

  • Other drivers
  • Passengers in other vehicles
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists




Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accidents

If an Amazon Prime or Grocery delivery driver fails in this responsibility, and someone is injured, that person can file a lawsuit alleging that the driver’s negligence caused their injuries. Unfortunately, even the clearest example of truck driver negligence may fail to bring compensation if a plaintiff does not act in time.


When in an accident involving an Amazon delivery vehicle, you may have a right to receive compensation. You should immediately contact an experience commercial vehicle accident lawyer, like those at The South Florida Injury Law Firm to arrange a free, no obligation, review of the facts in your Amazon delivery accident case and a discussion of the legal options that may be available to you.


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What Are Your Rights When Involved In A South Florida Trucking Accident?


Nowadays, many more trucks are entering our roadways, sharing the same space we use in our everyday life. Product demand has significantly increased, and so does the congestion of commercial trucking. Unfortunately, with the increased numbers of trucks entering service they bring with them an ever-increasing number of accidents and resulting injuries.

A central question in most truck accident cases is whether the trucker’s actions violated their duty of care. Some trucking accidents make this question abundantly clear: if a police officer cites a trucker for speeding, failing to yield, or carrying too much weight, the law assumes that the trucker is at fault for any ensuing accident. However, in other cases, a more in-depth investigation is required to prove trucker fault, for which a South Florida truck accident attorney can provide significant assistance in collecting evidence.

Trucking Accident Common Factors


Poor Vehicle Maintenance


Ensuring that a vehicle is maintained correctly is essential for every driver, and it’s vital to the safety of commercial truck drivers. Commercial vehicles experience more wear and tear than ordinary cars as trucks are driven for hundreds of miles every day. If routine maintenance is skipped, it could lead to mechanical problems or equipment failure that could lead to an accident. Something as simple as a worn brake pad could be the difference between stopping in time and causing a multi-car pileup. Victims of a commercial trucking accident should have the company’s maintenance records checked to see if repair negligence contributed to the collision.


Incentivize Programs that Promote Unsafe Truck Driving


While it’s easy to blame the driver involved in the accident, looking at the underlying issues may solve the root problem.  Shippers and logistics firms may inadvertently create dangerous driving conditions by the way they pay drivers. For example, some compensation programs encourage faster vehicle speeds or more hours of continuous vehicle operation than would usually be unadvisable. Giving drivers unrealistic schedules encourage drivers to hurry, despite the safety risks involved.

Improper Cargo Loading


Commercial trucks carry so much cargo that weight imbalances can significantly affect the safety of the vehicle. Cargo that has been loaded incorrectly can cause accidents in several ways.

The shipment could fall off and become a hazard to other drivers, and the cargo itself could affect the vehicle’s steering. To prevent these issues, truckers and cargo loading teams have to abide by industry-specific rules when it comes to loading the bed of a commercial truck.

These rules determine limits for weight, size, length, width, and load height. The rules also specify special methods of securing cargo for transportation.

What Are Your Rights When Involved In A South Florida Trucking Accident? 1 Truck Accident Lawyer South Florida Injury Law Firm 

South Florida Truck Accident Laws


Truck drivers have the same responsibilities under Florida law to drive their vehicles in a safe manner as all other motorists. This includes a duty to protect all other people they may encounter while behind the wheel. This extends to:

  • Other drivers
  • Passengers in other vehicles
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists

If a truck driver fails in this responsibility, and someone is injured, that person can file a lawsuit alleging that the driver’s negligence caused their injuries. Unfortunately, even the clearest example of truck driver negligence may fail to bring compensation if a plaintiff does not act in time.

According to Florida Statute §95.11, plaintiffs must file a case within four years of the date of the accident if they hope to collect compensation. Insurance companies may break off all settlement negotiations if this time has passed. This makes it important to act quickly when considering a claim.

What Are Your Rights When Involved In A South Florida Trucking Accident? 2 Truck Accident Lawyer South Florida Injury Law FirmCommon Injuries related to South Florida Truck Accidents


Even truck accidents that occur at low speeds place great strain on the bodies of the occupants of smaller vehicles. Even if their bodies do not come into direct contact with the truck, their car may be subjected to significant force or perhaps even crushed.

This can result in life-threatening injuries. It is not uncommon for the victims in these accidents to suffer:

  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Severe cuts
  • Burns
  • Concussions
  • Paralysis

Any form of physical injury is enough to make a claim. A complete claim should also demand compensation for lost wages and mental anguish. A truck accident law firm in South Florida can work with clients to understand the full impact of the accident on their lives and receive the compensation they deserve.



Far too often injury attorneys treat trucking accident cases like car accidents.  One can easily understand the force from a 60,000 pound truck striking a family vehicle are significantly higher than the force from a 7,500 pound pickup truck or 3,500 sedan traveling the same speed.  This difference in force often results in much more serious injuries, even death.

Attorneys specialized in trucking accidents know that car accidents and trucking accidents are not the same.  Beyond the federal regulations that apply to commercial trucking, drivers must also undergo extensive training.  18-wheelers simply do not operate the same as family-size passenger vehicles. They are harder to maneuver and some operations that can be done in family passenger vehicles are strictly prohibited by 18-wheel operators.


Post-Accident Checklist


After any type of traffic accident, you should run over a checklist of information to get from other drivers or passengers who were involved: insurance information, injuries, names and contact information of witnesses, etc.


Hopefully, knowing this information and practicing safer driving will help you reduce the chances of getting into a truck accident. But if you or someone you love is injured in a crash with a truck due to another’s negligence, you should know what to do next. The first and most important thing to do is check to see if you or anyone around you is injured and, if so, instantly seek medical attention.


The next step you take should be contacting a skilled Florida accident attorney who will look into the incident. Your lawyer will likely have to ask you a lot of questions, so it’s helpful to prepare yourself ahead of time.


Researching and slogging through legal meetings may be the last thing you’re interested in doing after getting hurt in an accident, but it’s worth it. Medical bills can pile up fast, and that’s not even dealing with money you lose due to not being able to work and other expenses. These are things that can seriously derail your life, and if someone else is responsible, you shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Horrible Truck Accident Leaves Woman Trapped in Cement

Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve ever known someone––a friend, relative, or acquaintance––who’s been involved in a serious truck accident, you know how traumatic the experience and its aftermath can be. The sheer weight and size of the truck compared to smaller vehicles means that any high-impact accident will usually result in much more serious consequences for the passenger vehicle, as well as the people inside it.


In some situations, the nature of the truck’s cargo may present even more of a hazard. Such was the case when Yin Min Tai and her boyfriend,Lok Wan, were involved in an accident with a large cement truck in China’s Fuzhou, Fujian Province,in February, 2014 – a crash that left her trapped and fearing for her life.


Yin Min Tai’s Close Call


As detailed in a report on the Daily Mail‘s website, after an open-top cement truck crashed into the rear of the passenger vehicle Yin Min Tai was riding in, she became trapped inside the car under tons of wet cement. Lok Wan, who was also in the car with her, was able to get out safely, but she was stuck in the crushed automobile for over 40 minutes.


The accident took place when Yin Min Tai and Lok Wan attempted a U-turn on a busy street, and a cement-laden truck traveling behind them collided with their vehicle, dumping much of its load of wet cement onto the car. Miraculously, despite being inches from thousands of pounds of wet cement, Yin Min Tai only sustained a few scratches and some bruises.


Even if you already know how dangerous truck accidents can be, getting buried in cement probably isn’t a consequence you’ve ever imagined resulting from such a crash. Given the number of truck accidents that occur in our country every year, though, what’s truly surprising is that we don’t hear about similar issues more often.


According to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation, 3,921 people were killed in auto accidents involving large trucks in 2012, while 104,000 people were injured in the same type of accident. Of those 104,000 injured in wrecks involving large vehicles during 2012, 73% were occupants of other vehicles, while only 24% were occupants of large trucks.


How many of the trucks involved in those accidents do you think were carrying loads that could be considered dangerous, especially for the people in the other vehicle? While no statistics seem to be available, you can bet that a good number of those trucks were carrying things such as chemicals, fuel, construction materials, or other heavy objects. The point is, when a big truck crashes into you, there’s a lot more to worry about than the actual impact.


Post-Accident Issues and the Value of Good Representation


Truck Accident Attorney

Should you find yourself in a situation similar to Yin Min Tai’s, a post titled “Accidents Involving Hazardous Materials” might prove helpful, but ultimately your best bet is to seek out experienced legal help. Medical expenses, insurance fees, and legal costs can all pile up, and attempting to represent yourself in a suit against a trucking company or city government can be a very tall order, considering the sort of legal counsel these organizations can afford. Additionally, insurance adjusters on the side of the truck’s owners or operators will look for any possible course of action to limit the liability of their clients, so you should find an attorney specializing in these cases who can effectively represent you and negotiate in your name.


At The South Florida Injury Law Firm, we’ve successfully handled many cases like this before and would do anything we can to help you get the compensation that you deserve, but you need to contact us as soon as possible. When you’re battling big organizations, time is of the essence, so pick up the phone or fill out our contact form now.


About the Author:
Jeffrey Braxton is a trial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who has devoted his 22-year career to the practice of personal injury law. As lead trial attorney for The South Florida Injury Law Firm, Jeff has litigated thousands of cases and is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an exclusive group of attorneys who have resolved cases in excess of one million dollars.

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You’re Not Safe from Truck Accidents No Matter Where You Are

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When big trucks get into accidents, they not only tend to cause a lot of damage, but leave a wide swath of destruction,as well. Saying this shouldn’t be telling you anything new, because it’s pretty obvious that a large, heavy vehicle – especially one that’s moving fast – is going to plow through anything and everything in its path. But even knowing this, you would probably imagine that you’re in a pretty safe place if you’re sitting in your house. Unfortunately, as one homeowner recently discovered, there’s no place that’s safe from a big truck that’s out of control.


On February 19 in Cahokia, Illinois, a big truck veered off the road, ripped through two telephone poles, and slammed into a single-family home, knocking the house off if its foundation. And why? Because the driver experienced a “gag reflex” that caused him to lose control of the vehicle.


Luckily, the homeowner only suffered minor injuries, but they still had to go to that hospital. And you can absolutely bet that along with the physical trauma they sustained, they were suffering from shock. How else can you react to getting hit by a large truck when you’re not just out of your car and away from the road, but actually in your own home?


More than anything, it’s a reminder of just how dangerous big trucks can be and how far their reach can go.


Big Trucks Far More Dangerous Than Other Vehicles 


Just how dangerous are big trucks? According to Popular Mechanics, there are a little over 5 million tractor trailers registered in this country and about three times as many semi trucks. In comparison, there are more than 240 million regular passenger vehicles out there on our roads.


Even using the higher number of around 15 million semis, that means that large trucks make up about 5.8% of total traffic. Despite this, they account for 1 out of every 8 motor vehicle fatalities in our country – that’s 12.5%, or more than double the deaths that they should be responsible for based on how many exist.And that’s only counting the fatal accidents; plenty of crashes occur like the one mentioned above where the homeowner escaped with only minor injuries,but the truck destroyed the house and wreaked havoc in the neighborhood.


Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?


Sometimes these accidents just happen,and it’s out of anyone’s control, as seems to be the case with the above truck driver’s “gag reflex” when he plowed into the house in Illinois. Unfortunately, recent reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show some alarming findings. Not only did both fatalities and injuries related to large-truck crashes go up from 2011 to 2012 (by 4% and 18%, respectively), there are reasons to believe that trucking companies aren’t being as selective as they should be when hiring drivers.


How so? Of the large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes, 12.9% had a previous accident on their record, 17.7% had been convicted of speeding, 8.2% had previously had their license suspended or revoked, and a few even had a drunk driving conviction on their record. If commercial trucking companies truly care about people’s safety, they’ll stop employing people with blemishes like these on their record.


Watch Out for Large Trucks – When You Can


Truck Accident Lawyer

There’s plenty of information out there about what people can and should do to minimize their chances of being involved in an accident with a large truck. But if, like the Illinois homeowner above, there was nothing else you could have done to prevent the incident, you at least have to be ready and willing to fight back against the trucking company and driver responsible.


It’s not going to be easy, because the company will want to do everything they can to protect their name and bottom line, so you have to get a truck accident lawyer on your side with a track record of success – and do it quick, because there are rules and regulations in these types of cases you won’t find in typical passenger car accidents.